On this page you’ll find some of the interviews I’ve done, which may give you more info on my background and approach as well as self-development and even writing.

On Self-Development, Grounding and Processing Emotions

With Laura Tucker from Free Your Inner Guru

Laura and I discuss self-development, the importance of grounding, working through emotions and how we’ve got through a rough pandemic year. She works with people on self-empowerment and being your own guru, which really resonated with me and the main message of my book The Art of Coming Home. If you enjoy it do subscribe to my YouTube channel and hers!

Random Chat About Writing and Self-Development

I chat to author Aksel Erzinclioglu from So Long and Thanks For All the Books about the self-publishing process and do a deep-dive on self-development and the mind-body connection. This is a long rambly chat, if you are busy these are the main points we hit:

Me on my books (and self-publishing, learning things, writing, getting over perfectionism): 22:55

Doing acupuncture on insurance people (actuarypuncture): 27:50

Importance of getting out of fight-or-flight to do meaningful healing/ bodywork: 29

My experiences of cultural friction between western and eastern medicine in the early noughties: 34

Doing alternative therapy and navigating cultural differences: 35:30

Mind-body connection, and how to change in a lasting way: 38:30

My random marathon experiences: 58:30

Earthworm Jim: 107:50

More coming soon

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