Other Writing

I am making my first foray into fiction and participating in NaNoWriMo (read about it here). This is the current story I am working on.

The Supervisor

Suleiman has been working for a government agency that oversees intentional communities for nearly a decade. His role as Community Supervisor is to make sure they do not step beyond the bounds of the law and the government guidelines – essentially to keep an eye on the leader and make sure the members stay safe.

The members do not realise this program is a government strategy for placing people with sociopathic tendencies in remote and cut-off communities where they can no longer cause damage to policy, people or societal values. Allowing them to become a leader of their own cult, where they could feel powerful but not hold real influence, has become a way of protecting broader society – even if the risk to the members is high. The Supervisor lives among them, trying to keep them safe while the members themselves treat him as an outcast. But the real danger is The Leader.

As he starts to notice an emerging pattern of seemingly random and unusual events, he tries to work out what the Leader is plotting so that he can take action and avert disaster. He is forced to enlist the help of a few outliers in the community, however in spite of their efforts events soon begin to spiral out of control.

Find out what happens as Suleiman is forced to question his own values, find out what he is willing to risk for love, and when a bunch of misfits come together and fight a sociopath to restore their freedom.

Check back for previews of this story!