Perfect Activity Book (paperback)


Explore wellbeing through fun, inclusive exercises including: colouring-in and breathing, self-esteem and self-expression. Children will love making the pages in this book their own!

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Simple and fun exercises that help children learn about self-esteem, self-regulation and expressing themselves.

Including 30 pages of:

  • Fun colouring in
  • Inclusive characters
  • Breathing exercises
  • Self-expression exercises
  • Healthy self-esteem exercises

We are all a little bit different and all perfect in our own special way! Children love learning about wellbeing through doing and they will enjoy these fun and simple exercises.

In this interactive counterpart to the Perfect picture book you’ll meet your favourite characters again. Including black, white, Asian, South American and Indigenous American children, some of what also makes them special includes a limb difference, using a wheelchair, a port-wine stain, visual impairment and a cleft palate. However the book is not about this, it is all about acceptance, resilience and self-love.

The characters love and accept their unique bodies, enjoy movement, know they are perfect, accept difficult situations, work through emotions and know that love is there whenever and wherever they need it. Your child will love spending time with them!

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