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My Latest Book is Out!

I wrote this book to help people find the answers to important questions within them, learn to be kinder to themselves, develop a stronger connection to their body and spirituality, think more clearly, get in touch with their inner child and many more important aspects of self-development work.

I have put a lot of effort into making this a fun, informative and supportive read and I have also created a range of bonus resources that are coming soon.

Learn more about my book, or pre-order your copy now.

Learn to work through anxiety and fear, and feel more connected to yourself

My latest book is a guide to re-connecting with your body, getting more grounded, working through your emotions and engaging with reality. It helps people who are feeling anxiety, worry, fear or stress due to uncertainty and change – so quite relevant at the moment!

Currently my book is available on kindle (in the UK, US and worldwide) and paperback (in the UK, US and worldwide) on Amazon, and will hopefully also be available as an audiobook in the future.

And now also available as an audiobook!

You can pick up your copy from Audible, Kobo, Nook, the Google Play store, Apple Books, audiobooks.com and other retailers. Listen to a preview here:

Feel better at home, with these simple self-help tips.

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