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Find the support you need to move forward with perspective and genuine motivation.

Hi, I’m Suzanne – a holistic and leadership coach and author.

I’ve been featured in numerous publications over the years (The Times, The Guardian, The Standard, Insider, Forbes and many more) and have written several books on well-being.

In my role as a leadership coach and holistic coach I work with resourceful and intelligent people in a range of industries. My support has enabled:

  • Leaders to develop confidence and their own style
  • Entrepreneurs and change makers to use their innate resources for success
  • People who are unsure about a situation or way forward to find their own perspective and clarity
  • Clients to draw different threads together to create a life of success, love, meaning and purpose.

I find that as people we are innately resourceful but sometimes we can get lost – whether through making intelligent decisions that don’t align with how we feel deep down, working towards things that look good on paper, getting stuck at a crossroads or finding it hard to choose a path that is right for us. It can feel hard to orient ourselves or even to know what we want or how we want to be in the world.

In this time of upheaval we face the added challenge of dealing with powerful issues and forces coming to the surface. But this is also an incredible opportunity to evolve – both as individuals and as a society. Clients are feeling the need to be more transparent with themselves and others, as well as more in tune with their genuine needs and emotions and a coach can help you bring these issues into focus.

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It can take some work to create a leadership style or a life that honours our individuality, our needs and our strengths – and it can take some extra support.

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I have written several books, which aim to teach you essential tools for boosting your physical state or your emotional and mental wellbeing, browse them here.

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