Coaching and Books for Meaningful Success

Hello, I’m Suzanne – a coach and the author of several self-help books.

In my work as a leadership coach and holistic coach I support people in making meaningful progress because although working hard can be valuable, it is very important that we first ensure we are aiming in the right direction. Taking care of ourselves and being aware of our values and goals helps us to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and culture around us. Many of my clients are looking for support in becoming the best leaders they can be – whether that is in a classroom, boardroom or within a group working for social change.

It is a privilege to be doing this important work right now especially at this time of upheaval. I have noticed that collectively there is a lot coming to the surface to be dealt with so that our society can evolve. People are feeling the need to be more transparent with themselves and others, as well as more in tune with their genuine needs and emotions. It can take some work to create a life and a leadership style that honours our individuality, our needs and our strengths.

If you would like to learn more about coaching sessions with me, check out this page, or for self-guided work you can peruse some of the resources.

Latest News: My new book Perfect is out!

Perfect is a fun, inclusive picture book that explores self-love with easy exercises that children can try as they go.

For a special gift you can order signed copies directly from me.

My Books

I have written several books, which aim to teach you essential tools for boosting your physical state or your emotional and mental wellbeing. Check them out here to see how they can help you make a big difference.

  • Picture of Feeling Happy, Feeling Strong Book

I am excited to be releasing my new picture book Perfect. It has lots of types of characters, simple self-help exercises for children and a lot of conversation-starters around important topics of self-regard and inclusivity.

I will be creating a video on Youtube Kids suitable for parents and educators to show young readers, with a few guided exercises you can try together as we go! Check back for more news, or subscribe to my Youtube channel for updates.

Alternatively, you may enjoy my blog where I have outlined some helpful self-development information and tools, as well as the recorded visualisations you can meditate along to.