Welcome to my site! I am an alternative therapist, self-development junkie and author who has created a holistic and varied way of doing our own self-development at home.

My method, holistic as it is, covers lots of different topics including; getting in touch with our feelings and working through them, learning to adopt an attitude of self-compassion, developing our minds, getting in touch with our spirituality, learning new ways of decision-making and much more. There is no aspect of our life that self-knowledge and self-love do not touch, so the value of any effort we spend increasing these is enormous.

At the centre of my approach is the belief that we hold all the information and resources we will ever need to be completely whole and self-expressed – it’s just a case of learning how to get to them! So instead of giving you answers, I give you tools.

If you want to get right down to business, check out the blog page where you will find useful tips and exercises you can use, as well as occasional extracts from my upcoming book: The Art of Coming Home: common sense self-development exercises to educate, inspire and empower you (Lotus Publishing). Also check out the page on my Books for more information on published and about-to-be-published books.

And for more info on using this site properly, check out this page first. You can read also read more about me here.

Whatever your journey is, I hope you will find something here to support you on your way.