Coaching for Genuine Success

As we grow in life we often find that doing things a certain way has got us so far, but to progress with depth and meaning we need to bring more of ourselves to the table. There is a huge difference between appearing successful and being successful in a way that feels genuine and satisfying to you.

Success itself is a very personal thing. It may be achieving an external goal, such as a promotion or finishing writing a book, or it may be more internal; expressing your creativity or feeling more joy, for example. Usually it is a combination of both and we need both in order to have a balanced and fulfilling life.

Coaching is a term applied to many different types of sessions, from time-management, to dating, to leadership styles. Coaching sessions with me generally focus on the main issue you are experiencing right now but also include the deeper aspects of you that are contributing to this situation. Coaching at depth like this will help you to create powerful and meaningful changes, and because I have a holistic approach you could come with a challenge in almost any area of life. The common thread is always you as a person and we will focus on helping you to move forward in the way that is right for you.

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Self-Guided Self-Development Resources

Aside from coaching I also write books to help people work on their own self-development at home. These can be a great place to start if you are not ready for coaching right now and you feel you want to do something self-guided. I have benefitted fantastically from books and I endeavour to give readers easily-accessible and useful information.

You can browse the books I have published or am currently working on here.

  • Picture of Feeling Happy, Feeling Strong Book

Alternatively, you may enjoy my blog where I have outlined some helpful self-development information and tools, as well as the recorded visualisations you can meditate along to.