The Art of Coming Home

Learn a healthy, strong and sustainable method of self-development with this comprehensive and easy-to-read guide.

Full of practical, common-sense principles, visualisations and thought-provoking and occasionally funny advice, The Art of Coming Home will teach you how to: 

  • Have a healthy attitude to self development
  • Boost self-love and self-esteem
  • Centre yourself
  • Develop compassion and self-compassion
  • Tune into and work through your emotions
  • Strengthen your connection to your body
  • Think consciously
  • Spend time with your inner child
  • Express your spiritual side

Self-development is not about making surface changes, doing things that look good on paper or that seem like the right thing to do. It is all about doing what is right for you on a deep level, honouring your feelings and abilities and living life in the way that suits you.

The tools in the book will support you in discovering your own inner resources and talents, teaching you how to connect to your own innate wisdom and become your own guru.

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Thank you very much! I have put some resources together to help you get even more out of your experience.

Reader Reviews

Suzanne has an amazing skill for communicating through her words and tone as if you are in the same room as her. When it’s Suzanne’s calming and thoughtful language, or the simple exercises, I always feel like I get something positive out of my time with the book and feel better for it.

– J.C., Australia

I delved into this book at my usual pace, 150 miles an hour. I was going to learn about self-development, apply and close the book, job done. In a marvellous way this book doesn’t allow you to do this. Instead it asks you to break it down bit by bit, reminding you gently throughout that self-development is something we can (and should) learn and apply during our whole lives. If you are looking for an easy book that you can swallow in one sitting with a cup of tea, this isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a guide that you go back to again and again, and that will help you to help yourself go get it now.

– K. D., London

The Art of Coming Home is a great companion for anyone on the self care journey. Suzanne has provided comprehensive practical information about how to gain clarity and practical skills in getting to know ourselves more deeply. Practical meditations, writing exercises, and movement practices are outlined, which can help the reader understand their thought patterns, beliefs and habitual choices that shape their daily choices., She gives step by step directions, exercises and explanations which help the reader reveal new choices and ways of being in the world. Rich with information, practical in application, digestible in small exercises. Way to go Suzanne!” 

-Kelly Clancy, OTR/L, BCSI, LMT

Why I wrote the book & what it is for

Having wanted to write this book for 10 years, I am delighted to say that it is now published and out in the world, and already helping people.

I have worked with clients for 15 years this year, on a very wide range of issues from the physical (chronic pain, flexibility) to the emotional (anxiety, stress) and the thing that has always stood out to me is just how much our way of being dictates both our outer life and our inner state.

Although the problem-solver in us will often try and find a simple cause for feelings of tension or unease, there may be more to the challenges we are experiencing than we realise.

By getting to the root of how we feel and what we want, becoming more and more connected to our bodies, emotions, minds and spirit and working through old issues and stuck emotions, we have the chance to engage in a transformational process instead of doing a temporary a patch repair. And the benefits of doing this kind of inner work tend to ripple out through all aspects of our lives and even into our relationships and communities.

There are different ways of approaching self-development – some people go for mindfulness and meditation, others focus on cultivating discipline and some people have counselling, for example. This work is a little different.

Based on my experiences as a holistic therapist, stretching trainer and energy worker I offer an eclectic approach. The exercises in this book include visualisations, meditations, breathing, movement, writing and drawing. They give you a kind of tool kit you can use as and when needed, to support you in living your unique life fully.

In addition to the many tools provided there is a lot of useful information, which is a combination of my experience of working with clients as well as research from a variety of fields. I break this all down for you into an easy-to-read and common-sense guide to doing your own self-development work.

If you are ready like to discover your own natural strengths, desires and deepest self, The Art of Coming Home can show you the way.