The Art of Coming Home

A book which will teach you a healthy, strong and sustainable method of self-development.

Book Cover

In this book we will talk about:

  • A healthy attitude to self development
  • Boosting self-love and self-esteem
  • Learning to centre ourselves
  • Developing compassion and self-compassion
  • Tuning into and working through our emotions
  • Strengthening our connection to our body
  • Thinking consciously
  • Spending time with our inner child
  • Expressing our spiritual side

Through presenting practical, common-sense principles, visualisations and thought-provoking and occasionally funny advice, my book will teach you to connect to your own innate wisdom to become your own guru. 

Self-development is not about making surface changes, bouncing on a trampoline or having masses of instagram followers. It is all about doing what is right for you on a deep level, honouring your feelings and abilities and living life in the way that suits you.

For this reason my book will not tell you how to live, but it will give you tools to discover how to get to your own innate resources.

Why I wrote the book & what it is for

Having wanted to write this book for 10 years, I am delighted to say that it is due to be published in April 2020.

I have worked with clients for 15 years this year, on a very wide range of issues from the physical (chronic pain, flexibility) to the emotional (anxiety, stress) and the thing that has always stood out to me is just how much our way of being dictates both our outer life and our inner state.

Many of us try to become happier by earning more, going on holiday, finding a partner and if these are healthy impulses that is great. But getting to the root of who we are and what we want, working through old issues and stuck emotions has to be one of the most powerful transformational tools we have. By acknowledging who we are on the deepest level and honouring our feelings, we have the chance to create a life that reflects us honestly, beautifully.

There are different ways of approaching this – some go for mindfulness and meditation, others focus on cultivating discipline and some people have counselling. My approach is a little different.

Based on my experiences as a holistic therapist, stretching trainer and energy worker the method I have come up with is a little more eclectic. The exercises in this book are mainly ones I created for my clients and range from visualisations, to meditations, breathing, movement, writing and drawing. They are a kind of tool kit you can use as and when needed, to support you in living your unique life fully.

The information in this book is a combination of my experience of working with clients and research from people in a variety of fields. It is hopefully easy to read, common-sense and funny in places.

If you are interested in self-development, learning more about yourself, tools for increasing self-awareness and self-expression and personal growth I think you will enjoy my book.

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