Working Together

I offer one-to-one coaching sessions where we look at self-development in a straight-forward and useful way. We will talk through obstacles and challenges you are facing and look at ways you can move forward in the way that is right for you.

Self-development work is not for everyone, it requires us to take responsibility for ourselves, make a commitment to look at our weaknesses as well as our strengths and take action if necessary. There are times in our lives where we will want to do this and times that we prefer to stay the same for a while.

Coaching and counselling are different in a few key ways. Coaching sessions tend to be more of a joint discussion, with an expectation that you want to change and commit to making progress. Counselling on the other hand is often more of a time for you to unload and unlock a lot of your deeper emotions, without any expectation to move forward in a specific way (because there is an emphasis on healing the past). Both are great and both have their place, but if you feel that you need to be listened to more than you want to progress right now then counselling may be a better choice for you at this time.

On the other hand, if you feel that it is time to make a change and you feel ready to move forward then a session with me could be very beneficial for you.

The information below will give you more of an idea of the type of work we can do together, but if you are unsure feel free to email to see if I think I can help.

These are some of the types of issues I tend to work with people on:

  • Feeling stuck either creatively or in life, and looking for a way forward
  • Feeling like you have unexpressed potential or aspects of your personality you would like to access
  • Moving beyond old limitations that are stopping you from living fully
  • Being at a transitional point or crossroads in life
  • Feeling the need to transform, or to be in a new way

And these are some of the ways I work with people:

  • Talking through the issue
  • Looking at different perspectives to get more clarity
  • Tuning into emotional, physical, thought and energetic imbalances or blocks and looking at what they are really saying
  • Using exercises (such as visualisations or practical tools)
  • Doing energy work
  • Looking at new strategies
  • Teaching tools for accessing your own inner resources

By thinking outside of the box and being intuitive I can often help people to move forward, when they have found that their typical way of thinking or approach has not worked so far. 

Life’s journey can be complicated at times – sometimes unexpected things happen or we reach a stage when we don’t know if we have what it takes to move forward in the way we want to. Right now we are all feeling the need to adapt to the current challenges of life, but it is so much better to do this intentionally from a place of self-love than out of fear. This does not mean ignoring issues, but being conscious about how we deal with the situation and move forward. I will help you to access your own inner resources to help you rise to the challenge.

If you would like more information or to book a session via zoom please email me at

And if you are not quite ready for a session yet, these other resources may help you:

Feeling Happy, Feeling Strong Book

A guide to working through anxiety, stress, fear or worry in the face of uncertainty, which is especially helpful right now.

The Art of Coming Home Book

A comprehensive resource for doing your own self-development work covering the most important information you need to know from self-love to processing emotions and many unique tools and exercises. You can sign up for a special preview on this page, or order your advance copy here.

You will find other resources such as the exercises on this site and the online courses I am creating to do your own self-development work at home.

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