Working Together

I offer sessions in person in London, or via Skype please email me at if you would like more information or to book a session.

The information below will give you more of an idea of the type of work we can do together, but if you are unsure feel free to email to see if I think I can help.

These are some of the types of issues I help people with:

  • Feeling stuck either creatively or in life, and looking for a way forward
  • Feeling like you have unexpressed potential or aspects of your personality you would like to access
  • Moving beyond old hurts and pain that are stopping you from living fully
  • Being at a transitional point or crossroads in life
  • Feeling the need to transform, or to be in a new way

And these are some of the ways I work with people:

  • Talking through the issue
  • Looking at different perspectives to get more clarity
  • Tuning into emotional, physical, thought and energetic imbalances or blocks and then working with them to move beyond
  • Using exercises (such as visualisations or other)
  • Doing energy work
  • Looking at new strategies
  • Teaching people tools they need to access their own inner resources
  • Sessions in person may also include some bodywork if needed

By thinking outside of the box and being intuitive I can often help people to move forward, when they have found that their typical way of thinking or approach has not worked so far. 

I understand that life’s journey can be complicated at times – sometimes unexpected things happen or we reach a stage when we don’t know if we have what it takes to move forward in the way we want to. 

We have a lot of resources but we do not always know how to get to them, and we can also have emotions stuck within us that we do not know how to work with. My job is to be a guide, create a space where you feel safe to look at different aspects of yourself and help to facilitate change.

This may all sound a bit vague, but this is partly because the root issue could be similar in two people, but the expression of that may look very different. For example, two people may feel a desire to be creative but have a great fear of being judged, for one this may be wanting to implement a new IT system at work but feeling scared of being judged, while the other person could be a physiotherapist who wants to be a performance artist but thinks her family will find her irresponsible.

Are you feeling blocked in some way, or held back by old issues from the past? Whether you want to try a session with me, use my online courses or read my book – I hope you find some of my work helpful to you in your life and personal growth.

And you can also use my upcoming book The Art of Coming Home, and other resources such as the exercises on this site and the online courses I am creating to do your own self-development work at home.

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