I am an author of self-development books and a leadership and holistic coach, working with self-motivated leaders and entrepreneurs who need guidance to make significant changes.

I offer coaching at depth, which means we don’t only focus on the external change you want to make, we also make sure it is right for you deep down. In terms of leadership coaching this often equates to supporting you in finding your genuine leadership style and learning to put that into practice. My books support people in developing emotionally, spiritually and physically to feel empowered, centred and more themselves.

I have been working with clients in some capacity (from acupuncture, to stretching, to coaching) for over 15 years now and I have a lot of experience in how people grow and what trips them up.

Coaching Work With Me

I offer 1-2-1 coaching sessions via zoom. People come with a wide range of issues and I adapt the session according to what they need on the day, as well as helping them work towards longer-term goals.

These are some of the issues I may be able to help you with:

  • Feeling stuck (creatively, at work or in life, for example) and looking for a way forward
  • Feeling like you have unexpressed potential or aspects of your personality
  • Moving beyond old hurts and pain that are stopping you from living fully
  • Being at a transitional point, or a crossroads in life
  • Feeling the need to transform, or to be in a new way

And these are some of the ways I work with people

  • Talking through the issue, looking at different perspectives
  • Working through emotional, physical, thought and energetic blocks
  • Using exercises (visualisations and practical tools)
  • Looking at strategies for moving forward
  • Teaching clients to access their own inner resources

My Books

I have tried to make a lot of the work I do accessible to people all over the world in a very easy-to-read and enjoyable way. My readers enjoy reading my books and learning to help themselves with the techniques in them.

My main self-development book is The Art of Coming Home, which will teach you a wide variety of self-development skills. Alternatively, you can learn about my stretching method in Moving Stretch, or try my short book Feeling Happy, Feeling Strong for working through feelings of stress and anxiety.

I have also written an inclusive children’s self-help picture book called Perfect and another book currently in the works is a YA select-your-own-story self-help adventure.

My Approach

If you are interested in learning more about my back story, you will find that here, but in a nutshell; my work is about helping people to move beyond the limits they have become accustomed to by learning to access all the amazing inner strength and resources they hold, becoming the heroes of their own story and a helping hand to others.

By thinking outside of the box and being intuitive I can often help people to move forward, when their typical way of thinking or approach has not worked so far. 

I understand that life’s journey can be complicated at times, sometimes unexpected things happen or we reach a stage when we don’t know if we have what it takes to move forward in the way we want. 

We have a lot of resources within us, but we do not always know how to get to them and we may have emotions stuck within us that we do not know how to work with. My job is to be a guide, create a space where you feel safe to look at different aspects of yourself and help to facilitate change.

This may all sound a bit vague, but this is partly because the root issue could be similar in two people, but the expression of that may look very different. For example: two people may feel a desire to be creative but have a great fear of being judged. However, one may be a software engineer who wants to implement a new system but is scared of it failing publicly, while the other might be a physiotherapist who wants to be a performance artist but thinks her family will find her irresponsible. I don’t specialise in helping software engineers or physiotherapists, I work with people who are held back by not having learned how to fully embrace their potential.

Connect with me

If you’d like to connect with me in some way feel free to email if you fancy a session (in person in London, or Skype internationally). Although I do love hearing from people, I do get quite a lot of emails so it may take me some time to get back to you. You can also connect with me on social media.

Alternatively for info on my work and books, check out the media kit here.

My Qualifications

Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching

Diploma with Distinction in Holistic Coaching

EMCC Accredited Coach at Foundation Level

Certification in Resistance Stretching

Meditation Teacher Training

BSc (Hons) 2:1 and Batchelor of Medicine (Beijing) Traditional Chinese Medicine

Member ATCM

and other trainings include; shamanic practitioner, energy work and other healing modalities.