I am a holistic coach, alternative therapist, stretching trainer, energy worker and someone who wishes there was a title that covered all of that! It has been my privilege to work with clients on a wide variety of issues for nearly 15 years now, typically using an eclectic and outside-of-the-box approach, which involves looking at the root of the situation or problem and considering different angles and approaches.

I work with clients to find a way forward that is meaningful to them and in line with their values and personality. I think that success is becoming the person you want to be, and that when you aim for that interesting things tend to happen.

If you are interested in learning more about my back story here, but in a nutshell; I want people to be happy and free to be themselves and much of my work is about helping people to move beyond physical or emotional restriction and pain, while learning to access all the amazing inner strength and resources they hold, becoming the heroes of their own story and a helping hand to others.

Her treatment is quite special: surprisingly uplifting and thought-provoking. And she made me laugh. Highly recommended.” – Kerry Shale


I first met Suzanne when my body was stressed, stiff and knotted, and I visited her for deep tissue (and walking!) massage. These sessions gradually developed into something far greater….and with Suzanne’s gentle prodding and guidance we peeled back the layers of the proverbial onion. I got to realise the “truths” that i had believed and had been holding on to so dearly, can simply be let go of. Letting go brings lightness, and with that lightness comes clarity and strength – all from within. Yes, after years of searching and longing for “the answer” from outside sources – it was within me all along!

I have come so far since first meeting Suzanne, and my journey continues. I don’t think there is ever a “destination” to get to, but what I know is I am constantly looking back, with a smile on my face, at how far I keep coming….

Stay curious, and let Suzanne guide you gently through your own journey. Believe me, you will only ever look back to smile at the journey you too have made xx.”   – Susan M, London


If you’d like to connect with me in some way, social media is good, or feel free to email if you fancy a session (in person in London, or Skype internationally). Although I do love hearing from people, I do get quite a lot of emails so it may take me some time to get back to you. And if you’d like more information on The Art of Coming Home book there is a sign-up form on this page so you’ll be notified of when it is going to be released as well as any previews I send out. Alternatively for info on my work and books, check out the media kit here.

I find that whatever is going on in your life there should always be time for a wander about or a cup of tea.

Having some fun before meeting a Dukha (reindeer herder) shaman