I am a holistic coach, alternative therapist, stretching trainer, energy worker and someone who wishes there was a title that covered all of that! It has been my privilege to work with clients on a wide variety of issues for nearly 15 years now, typically using an eclectic and outside-of-the-box approach to help free people up to be more themselves and shake off unnecessary burdens.

My Work

These are some of the types of issues I help people with:

    • Feeling stuck either creatively or in life, and looking for a way forward
    • Feeling like they have unexpressed potential or aspects of their personality
    • Moving beyond old hurts and pain that are stopping them from living fully
    • Being at a transitional point, or a crossroads in life
    • Feeling the need to transform, or to be in a new way

And these are some of the ways I work with people

  • Talking through the issue
  • Looking at different perspectives
  • Tuning into emotional, physical, thought and energetic imbalances or blocks
  • Using exercises (such as visualisations or other)
  • Doing energy work
  • Looking at strategies
  • Working on people physically (not for Skype sessions, however these may still include some movement work)
  • Teaching people tools they need to access their own inner resources

By thinking outside of the box and being intuitive I can often help people to move forward, when their typical way of thinking or approach has not worked so far. 

I understand that life’s journey can be complicated at times, sometimes unexpected things happen or we reach a stage when we don’t know if we have what it takes to move forward in the way we want. 

We have a lot of resources within us, but we do not always know how to get to them and we may have emotions stuck within us that we do not know how to work with. My job is to be a guide, create a space where you feel safe to look at different aspects of yourself and help to facilitate change.

This may all sound a bit vague, but this is partly because the root issue could be similar in two people, but the expression of that may look very different. For example, two people may feel a desire to be creative but have a great fear of being judged, but in one this may look like a software engineer who wants to implement a new system but is scared of being judged, while the other person is a physiotherapist who wants to be a performance artist but thinks her family will find her irresponsible. I don’t specialise in helping software engineers or physiotherapists, I work with people who are held back, because they have not yet learned how to fully embrace their potential.


If you are interested in learning more about my back story here, but in a nutshell; I want people to be happy and free to be themselves and much of my work is about helping people to move beyond physical or emotional restriction and pain, while learning to access all the amazing inner strength and resources they hold, becoming the heroes of their own story and a helping hand to others.


If you’d like to connect with me in some way, social media is good, or feel free to email if you fancy a session (in person in London, or Skype internationally). Although I do love hearing from people, I do get quite a lot of emails so it may take me some time to get back to you. And if you’d like more information on The Art of Coming Home book there is a sign-up form on this page so you’ll be notified of when it is going to be released as well as any previews I send out. Alternatively for info on my work and books, check out the media kit here.

I find that whatever is going on in your life there should always be time for a wander about or a cup of tea.

Having some fun before meeting a Dukha (reindeer herder) shaman