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Suzanne Wylde is a coach and author who has also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, healing, bodywork, self-development, holistic coaching and resistance stretching. Over her 15+ years of practice she has developed a way of working with people in a way that is holistic, person-centred and transformative, creating a range of self-development exercises to help people feel more grounded and connected to themselves. She also created her own method of resistance stretching called Moving Stretch (for people with a wide variety of physical needs and body types). If you are wondering if she could possibly be good at all these things, it may help to know she has never really had a full time “proper” job, but committed to being a hippy early.

Suzanne has been featured in national newspapers and magazines including; The Times, The Guardian, Psychologies, Elle, The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard and Tatler, has travelled around the world to learn from different traditions (learning acupuncture in China, stretching in the US and meeting Shamans in Mongolia) and has written several books. Moving Stretch: Work Your Fascia to Free Your Body was a #1 New Release on and has been published in the UK, USA, Germany and China and is helping people all over the world to change their bodies themselves. Her upcoming inclusive picture book Perfect aims to help young children love and accept themselves and each other, in spite of challenges and different backgrounds.

When she is not working with clients she is usually drinking tea and enjoying some peace and quiet somewhere.

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