Inclusive Self-Help Picture Book Represents Diverse Characters Without Limiting Them to Narrow Roles

Representation matters, but books featuring children with challenges usually have a story that exclusively revolves around that specific issue, which can be limiting for children that want to see themselves in a different story and context. 

In Perfect the characters just happen to have certain challenges (including cleft lip, a port wine stain, a limb difference and more) but they are exploring self-love, dealing with emotions, resilience and friendship. In the tradition of such books as “I am Enough”, “I Am Love: A Book of Compassion” and “Listening with My Heart”, Perfect explores self-love in a kind and practical way that children will be able to grasp and put to immediate use. The diverse cast of characters come from a wide range of backgrounds, which is also important for representing a multicultural society. 

One advance reader said: 

Both my husband and I absolutely loved growing up in this country but [as British Born Chinese] we both grew up questioning our identity for at least part of our childhood because of our culture and how different we looked to all of our other friends. Now we are parents, we’ve been thinking ourselves about how to talk about these important themes of culture and diversity with our extremely chatty daughter… 

…‘Perfect’ is a great book that offers a safe space for ourselves and our daughter to start having these important and sensitive conversations about diversity, self-acceptance and emotional regulation. It deserves a space on every child’s bookcase and I know that we will be revisiting this book with our daughter time and time again.”

Publishing worldwide on 7th July 2021 as an ebook (£3.15), paperback (£6.90) and hardcover (£11.99). This exploration of self-love, body acceptance and resilience is written in easy rhyming verse and includes simple exercises the reader can try as they go, learning to feel better in themselves. 

Suzanne Wylde is an author with a varied background in acupuncture, stretching and coaching. She writes non fiction books in order to share the self-help techniques she has learned from her 15 years of experience in working with clients, in a way that is both enjoyable and accessible. 

She has been featured in national publications including The Times, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, Psychologies and more. Her first book Moving Stretch was a #1 New Release on and has been published in the UK, USA, Germany and China. When not writing books she works as a coach to help people express themselves and to live full and satisfying lives.

If you are looking for a book that will help your child feel good about themselves, while also opening the door to conversations about diversity, disability and dealing with adversity, Perfect may be the book for you. 



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