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A cultural experience

If you’re having a difficult time at work you may be struggling with a culture rather than a random pattern of events.

It’s not always talked about explicitly but the environment around you can have a huge impact on performance and on mental health – can you relate to any of these examples?

Forbes article

The Fomo of WFH

Are you struggling with seeing others go back to the office or socialising with colleagues while you can’t or don’t want to yet?

Whatever the reason, these feelings are completely natural and in this article you’ll find some tips for dealing with them.

Self-Awareness & Leadership

We all hold some preconceptions – both about ourselves and about leadership, which can limit our ability to lead well. These blindspots can come from our upbringing, education, social conditioning or be areas we dislike thinking about. Either way, this article may help to shed some new light on this important topic.

Not to be passive aggressive, but..

Do you find that sometimes the things you are saying land with a thud, or a joke is met with pained expressions instead of laughter? It’s easy to be passive aggressive without even realising – especially if it’s common in our culture (*cough* Britain).

Check out these phrases to see if you can improve your communication and through that your relationships and reputation.

Be Well and Prosper

In this long-form interview I share some of my tips for cultivating wellbeing in your life. There’s also quite a lot about my life and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Being Less Selfish

I don’t think any of us try to be selfish but it is easy to become very focused on our lives and feelings, and not always think of other people as much as we could.

Check out some simple tips for looking after others more including one from me.

Accidental neggy Nelly?

Being hypercritical can be way of getting rid of uncomfortable emotions quickly and making them someone else’s problem. It’s really good to do our personal admin in-house though, it helps us keep our integrity and our power. And it’s really good for our relationships. Check out the article for some great tips on overcoming this habit.

Work that mind-body connection!

If you’re interested in some great tips for boosting your mental and physical wellbeing, you might enjoy these simple but effective methods.

Communicate like a pro

It’s clear that not all emails are created equal. If you’re interested in taking your client communication to the next level these tips from experts might really help.

A glimmering light

This short article is about things we can look forward to after the pandemic. As is often the case, it is great to find joy in the small things – not just because it is more manageable – but because there’s a simplicity to it.

Train your brain for personal gain

I can’t resist a rhyme. I wrote this article on meditation for wellbeing and mental focus. Do I meditate consistently? Nope – but I still think it’s great and often revisit it. I recommend finding the way that works for you.

Use your gut to get out of a rut

Oh look at that, another rhyme. If you’re finding it hard to know what your gut is telling you, the clues in this article might really help. Many of us are more connected to our head-brain than gut-brain (instinct – not Krang from Ninja Turtles!) so if thinking is getting you precisely nowhere, maybe try something new.

Swift to anger, slow to get perspective

Are you a bit hot-headed and not sure what to do with that inconvenient rage that builds up and threatens to explode, taking your reputation with it? Or are you experiencing justified anger but struggling to put it to good use? This article might help give you some insights into handling and using this controversial emotion.

You say yes, I say no, no, no

If you ever find yourself agreeing to invites or requests that deep down you want to refuse, this article might be helpful. There are certain pressures and expectations that can feel bulletproof, but this shows you how to deploy a “no” effectively and blast them to smithereens. Well, a more peaceful version of that.

Here’s to anxious friends

A very eclectic article with tips for supporting people who are feeling anxious (I hesitate to say that nowadays we could just say “people”). It’s slightly more on the emotional-triage days of the early pandemic but I think a lot of the tips are still relevant.

Let that bit go

This is a compilation of tips from different people about letting go of expectations with some great different viewpoints. If you find that you have great expectations and equally great disappointments you may be able to turn things around (something Miss Haversham was never able to do).


6 tips for living a life of meaning. Of course this is going to look very different for different people, but this is a great place to start. And, of course, knowing the right question is important.

The swinging 6c’s

I started this article and then around halfway through decided they had to all be ‘c’s. I’m not sure why but it was in line with #5 Consistency.

These tips may help to boost your happiness levels and perhaps give you pause for thought. Also I used to be Suzanne Waterworth, in case that’s confusing (oh, a 7th c).


With Laura Tucker from Free Your Inner Guru

Laura and I discuss self-development, the importance of grounding, working through emotions and how we’ve got through a rough pandemic year. She works with people on self-empowerment and being your own guru, which really resonated with me and the main message of my book The Art of Coming Home. If you enjoy it do subscribe to my YouTube channel and hers!

Random Chat About Writing and Self-Development

I chat to author Aksel Erzinclioglu from So Long and Thanks For All the Books about the self-publishing process and do a deep-dive on self-development and the mind-body connection.