Moving Stretch

 Moving Stretch is my version of resistance stretching, a way of working with our fascia to change the structure of our body. It has helped lots and lots of people move better, have great posture and even more energy and improved performance. Through this book you’ll have the opportunity to do the same. Unlike some types of stretching, Moving Stretch isn’t only accessible to flexible people – it’s for anyone with a body.

If you do have a physical issue right now then I recommend you consult your doctor or physio first, but if they say it’s OK – get stretching!

Even if movement, exercise or stretching are not normally your thing (or especially if they aren’t) I highly recommend you give this a go. I will never forget the first time I started working on my body in this way; and you can get great results from as little as 20 minutes a day! Scroll all the way down to check out some of the great reviews from readers.

This is a before and after of someone who used the stretches daily for a month:

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This is what some reviewers thought about the book: 

This is the best book of its kind I have read. The exercises are easy to follow and do. I do them while out walking the dogs in the forest.Only been doing the stretches for a week, but I already feel more flexible and strong” – Rita F. 

I am new to stretching, but already feeling the benefits of a more flexible body after just a few days of exercises. The ideas is to stretch the fascia, the connective tissue which holds our muscles in place and allows our bones to move, For anyone who is interested in yoga or exercise or plays sport, this may be something they would enjoy and benefit from learning about. The body’s fascia contains fluid and nerves, and strengthening and stretching the fascia holds the promise of creating a body which moves more effectively and elegantly.

The book is excellent value, large and very well illustrated with colour photographs throughout of people performing a wide variety of stretching exercises. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for ways to help their body feel more youthful and avoid or treat aches and pains.” – JB

And this is what some of my clients have said:

I have been seeing Suzanne for stretching therapy for 2 years now and highly recommend it. I used to have headaches every morning but now can’t remember the last time I woke up with one. I wish I could see her more often but do self stretching at home, although not as often as I should. It really is life changing in all aspects.” – Suzanne K. 

Best thing I have done for my body! Changed how I think about stretching and improving my body functioning and performance.” -Brad L. 

Suzanne is intuitive and fun and her stretching therapy allowed my body to express it’s energy and release . Great stuff” – Carmel M.

If you prefer to get started with videos instead, you will find stretches and routines here.