Through our sessions Suzanne helped me focus and plan on reopening our business post lockdown.  We worked through some areas I was anxious about including new ways of thinking about my thoughts and others.  We discussed boundaries and how to protect myself on the return to work and also I now understand more about defense mechanisms and I can recognise them better in others.  The sessions were open, honest, holistic and productive.

– Louise, Jubilee Hall Trust

I recommend [Suzanne] in a heartbeat. One of the most powerful sessions I have ever experienced. I had the feeling she connected to my soul and reflected the messages I needed to hear with insight and care. She intuitively guided me to integrate what was needed for me to leave the session feeling physically and mentally lighter and at peace with-in. Don’t think twice, book your session.

– Nicola Moss, systemic coach

Her treatment is quite special: surprisingly uplifting and thought-provoking. And she made me laugh. Highly recommended.”

– Kerry Shale, actor

Suzanne is a wonderful coach and author.

She has a great talent for weaving together her experiences as a holistic therapist practitioner, an entrepreneur creating businesses, an author and a coach.”

– Andy Roberts, CEO Breathe Coaching and Wellbeing

with Suzanne’s gentle prodding and guidance we peeled back the layers of the proverbial onion. I got to realise the “truths” that i had believed and had been holding on to so dearly, can simply be let go of. Letting go brings lightness, and with that lightness comes clarity and strength – all from within. Yes, after years of searching and longing for “the answer” from outside sources – it was within me all along!

I have come so far since first meeting Suzanne, and my journey continues. I don’t think there is ever a “destination” to get to, but what I know is I am constantly looking back, with a smile on my face, at how far I keep coming….

Stay curious, and let Suzanne guide you gently through your own journey. Believe me, you will only ever look back to smile at the journey you too have made xx.”  

– Susan M, London

“The sessions I had with Suzanne helped me to explore potential solutions to barriers experienced within my work. She helped me identify where I might be holding myself back and tackle unhelpful thought patterns. A great listener and perceptive in creating the space to allow for new ideas.

– Karen Yeomans

When I started working with Suzanne, I was unsure about the direction of my project and where I should be going with it. Suzanne helped me discern the difference between things I thought was important to me in my mind and what was really important to me when it came to my heart. This helped me make valuable decisions in terms of determining what were my priorities for the project and what made me happy.

– Scott Robinson, the Yogi Banker

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