For Adults

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A comprehensive self-development guide with a difference.

If you are looking for a new approach that is holistic, effective and empowering you will enjoy this book.

This short book is step-by-step process for working negative emotions caused by uncertainty and stress.

Feel more grounded in your body and calm using the ebook, paperback or audio book.

Effective stretching for everyone, wherever you are on the plank to play-doh spectrum

Use the power of working with your fascia to reshape and free your whole body and feel great from day 1.

Children and YA

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This colourful book explores important topics such as self-acceptance, self-love, dealing with tricky situations (and people!) and working through emotions, with a core message of being enough as you are.

Use the easy exercises with your child, which are so simple they will be able to use them in everyday life.

Warrior School
(in progress)

A fantasy select-your-own-story for teens, this book will take you on a winding path of adventure, challenge, treachery and excitement.

You are the hero of your story, choosing your fate and learning essential the skills you need to become a warrior.

Do you have what it takes to choose the path to ultimate personal power?

This is a work in progress, sign up to my mailing list or follow me on instagram for updates and special members-only previews.

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