The Art of Coming Home

My book on self-development is almost finished! This is a guide to everything I wish I had known when I was starting out on my own journey, and I am really looking forward to sharing it with you. In addition to a lot of useful information there are many exercises and tools you can use to get to know yourself better, get some perspective on situations and move forwards in your growth.

We look at topics such as; self-love and self-esteem, learning about how you think, getting in touch with your feelings and processing them and even shadow work. Whatever you are working on right now, there is definitely something in this book that will help you.

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Excerpt from The Art of Coming Home


I didn’t mean to become a hippie, it happened by accident. I can’t say whether this was an overnight change, or a gradual unfolding, but I do know that the decision to learn Tai Chi when I was 16 was a pivotal point for me. It lead me into a world that I had previously known nothing about; the mysterious, wonderful and sometimes eccentric world of alternative health, spirituality and self-development. And yet I remember having strong leanings towards spirituality from as young as 5, so maybe the seed was sown earlier.

What I am certain of is that I am one of those highly sensitive people, very attuned to what is going on around me, feeling all the feelings and also very aware of others’ moods and their state. Add to that dangerous levels of curiosity and you end up with the kind of explosive mix that leads to a life of wondering big questions. Why are we here? What does fulfilment mean? How do we heal? On my journey of discovery I have worked on my own self-development a lot and have supported other people with theirs. So far it has been an interesting, fun, terrifying and beautiful adventure.

Some of my biggest allies on this journey of transformation and growth have been books. You never know when you might pick one up in a time of need and read the one sentence that was the exact thing you needed to know. Or when you turn the pages and feel that another person has understood the depths of your soul without ever having met you. A way for one person’s mind and spirit to touch another’s without judgement or expectation. There is also something magical about information that can be shared far and wide in such an unobtrusive and simple way, quietly waiting for the day you need it. But there was one book I could not find – the one that taught all the things I knew were essential for people to know for their journey. So (you guessed it) I wrote it.

You have to bear in mind that my clients, and most people, are not weirdy-beardies like me; they are business people, creative types, Mums and Dads, architects – in short all kinds of people. They do not have the time to comb through all the many books I have read on different areas of self-development, nor would they want to (I did want to and have loved every moment!). These are the people I really wrote this book for – the people who are getting on with living their lives and just want a bit of guidance on being the most authentic, self-expressed, grounded, compassionate and happy they can be.

Different people have all kinds of different goals for their lives and thank goodness. I can’t imagine anything more monotonous than everyone all sharing the same talents, opinions or lifestyles – yawn! That is why the information and exercises in this book are to support you in living the life, and being the person, you feel deep down is authentic and satisfying for you, and as I have not met you – I clearly have no idea what that is. I don’t want to guide anyone towards a particular way of being, but to educate. I do not want to lead anyone anywhere, but to help people free themselves from their own illusions, doubts and fears. The information and exercises I have written about are pretty much all from my years of experience in working with clients on a wide range of issues. They seem to work well for people from different walks of life, with different attitudes, ages, genders, political leanings and peanut butter consistency preferences.

In a restless and turbulent world, there is one thing we can all do to help move us back to a state of harmony, wisdom and love. And that is to be ourselves. Not hiding our gifts, not staying silent when we have something to contribute and not playing small when we are actually large both in spirit and heart. To be proactive instead of reactive, loving instead of petty and to see the big picture instead of defensively guarding our own small piece of the pie can all be side effects of stepping forward into who we really are – whatever that looks like for us. This is because beyond our fears and learned limitations there is a whole world of experience and life waiting to be lived, for anyone who is brave enough to explore it. Scary, yes, but tons of fun. And what a ride!

  Moving Stretch: Work Your Fascia to Free Your Body

I have also written a really easy-to-use book on Moving Stretch, my version of resistance stretching (and my other job). I have helped lots and lots of people move better, have great posture and even more energy and improved performance. But the nice thing about Moving Stretch is that it isn’t just for athletes – it’s for anyone with a body. If you do have a physical issue right now then I recommend you consult your doctor or physio first, but if they say it’s OK – get stretching! Even if movement, exercise or stretching are not normally your thing (or especially if they aren’t) I highly recommend you give this a go. I will never forget the first time I started working on my body in this way; and you can get great results from as little as 20 minutes a day! Below are the UK, US and German versions, but you should be able to find it in your country via amazon or other booksellers also. Check out the site for more information on this great technique. 

Moving Stretch UK

Moving Stretch US

Moving Stretch Germany