There is nothing quite like coaching to support you while going through a transitional time, or to help you bring out the best side of yourself in the way that feels right. It can help you to gain clarity, find your passion, understand blocks, move forward and grow as a person. There is an emphasis on empowerment, as you are assisted in finding your own answers and it can be both validating and meaningful.

The term “coaching” can cover many types of work – from helping people with time management, goals, voice work, acting, writing and more – you can be coached on almost anything. In my work I focus on self-development and coaching at depth.

This means that we explore both goals and obstacles in the context of what is right for you deep down. I tend to work with a wide range of people including creatives, entrepreneurs, business people and more. The common thread is that I work well with people who have a growth mindset, who want to experience more of themselves, move forward with a project or specific endeavour, or improve a situation in some way (i.e. the culture in their team).

Coaching is different to counselling, in that it takes place largely in the present moment and we look towards the future together. Although the past may come up organically from time to time, we focus on your experience now and your vision for your life. If you are feeling that you mainly need to work on issues from your past right now (which is valuable work) you may benefit more from counselling at this time.

As a coach I have a varied background (acupuncture, stretching, self-development, writing and more) which allows me to see things in a slightly different light, and many people find this very helpful. This is the often the case even for those in a corporate setting (which I have not worked in personally) because we are focusing mainly on you as a person and exploring what you want and need to move forward. I also have a good understanding of tackling challenges and projects and seeing them all the way to the end. However, if you need a coach to predominantly talk through corporate strategy with I am probably not the right person for you (however, I may know someone who is, so do feel free to ask for a recommendation).

One of the most important aspects of having effective coaching is finding the coach that works for you, so if you are interested in working with me please send me an email at to book a short video chat to see if we might be a good fit.

Here are some things that previous clients have said:

I recommend [Suzanne] in a heartbeat. One of the most powerful sessions I have ever experienced. I had the feeling she connected to my soul and reflected the messages I needed to hear with insight and care. She intuitively guided me to integrate what was needed for me to leave the session feeling physically and mentally lighter and at peace with-in. Don’t think twice, book your session.” 

– Nicola Moss

I have come so far since first meeting Suzanne, and my journey continues. I don’t think there is ever a “destination” to get to, but what I know is I am constantly looking back, with a smile on my face, at how far I keep coming….

Stay curious, and let Suzanne guide you gently through your own journey. Believe me, you will only ever look back to smile at the journey you too have made xx.”  

– Susan M, London

Her treatment is quite special: surprisingly uplifting and thought-provoking. And she made me laugh. Highly recommended.” 

– Kerry Shale

And if you are not quite ready for a session yet, these other resources may help you:

The Feeling Happy, Feeling Strong Book

A guide to working through anxiety, stress, fear or worry in the face of uncertainty, which is especially helpful right now.

The Art of Coming Home Book

A comprehensive resource for doing your own self-development work covering the most important information you need to know from self-love to processing emotions and many unique tools and exercises. You can sign up for a special preview on this page, or order your advance copy here.

You will find other resources such as the exercises on this site and the online courses I am creating to do your own self-development work at home.

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