Part Five

Supporting Tools

So you have your goal, your actions, your genuine motivation and your plan! You are pretty much ready to go, but before you do I just want to give you a couple of bits of information that I think are really going to help.

I recommend just having a relaxed read through and see if anything speaks to you. You can always come back to this later if you need to.

1.Doing it Anyway

The mind is great at excuses when we’re resistant or afraid. Commit to yourself that whatever excuse it comes up with – you’re going to take that step anyway. Do not worry about doing it right or well, just commit to showing up consistently. In fact, showing up and doing something badly is still a billion % better than not showing up at all, with only a few exceptions (brain surgery comes to mind. Don’t show up and do that badly).

2. Embrace Being Bad

Mostly we hate being bad at stuff and we also have natural preferences, so we end up with massive strengths and weaknesses. I recommend you embrace being bad, revel in it, see just how bad at something you can be. Once you can stand in the middle of all that badness you have a real chance of learning to be good at it, or at the very least of enjoying it. Do not aim for perfection when you start, embrace being bad!

3. Support Yourself Emotionally

Journaling, rewards, praise, gold stars – whatever works and is good for you. Obviously this does not include anything that impacts you negatively or is addictive, which is never a treat but an escape. Do things that lift you up, and support yourself as if you were a child learning to do something new. Make it positive, fun, an adventure, exploratory and definitely not: too proscribed, controlled, critical or too goal-oriented (ironically). Enjoy the journey and enjoy yourself on the journey.

4. Reach Out For Inspiration

There will be a group of people with similar interests and goals out there somewhere, engage with them and let them cheer you on as you cheer them on too. Share your successes and you can also come to my Facebook page to let the rest of us know how you are getting on, I love to hear about the changes people are making.

5. When You Fail – Embrace That Too

At some point most of us have an off-day, a cheat day, a week or a month where we feel like we’ve failed – so what’s the point continuing? This is an essential step on your journey to meaningful change, so try not to waste it on spiralling into self-doubt or criticism. Visit this page instead – but NOT BEFORE you feel like you’ve failed in some way (it is not helpful to let your mind have a head start on working out all the angles so it can confirm what it wants you to believe). So, only visit that page at the time you need it.

Final Step