Choosing Real, Authentic Goals

Welcome to my course on choosing your most authentic, genuine goals!

It is so important before we start heading towards a big/ time- or resource-consuming goal, that we make sure it is actually right for us – otherwise we can end up wasting a chunk of our life on something that might be a great idea for someone else but not for us.

On this course we are also going to look at the areas of your life that could use the most attention, ways of working with them, finding your deepest motivation and tools for following through even when it gets tough.

This course has 5 parts and a bonus at the end (to save for when you really need it) and includes downloads and exercises.

I recommend that you work through at your own pace, but stick with it and you will learn some really practical tools for finding out if a goal is right for you and how to get there in the most authentic way. For a limited time you can access this course for free, simply sign up below.

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