I Failed!

I failed today/ this week/ this month

Congratulations! There is almost no other time in your life when you have as much potential to learn as right now.

The first thing I want to say is that a failure is not the end of a journey – it is a necessary and essential part of the process.

But, of course, the only people who will continue on and complete that journey are the ones who can tolerate this part of it.

What can you tolerate?

Can you choose to move forwards, even when you feel extremely meh? Can you commit yourself to healthy action and self-care even when you want to do anything but?

Each person’s capacity for joy/ happiness/ success is equal to

Their ability to tolerate icky/ difficult feelings and to meet adversity

Knowing that this cr$&py day/ week/ month is an essential part of the process,

How will you choose to proceed?

a) Restart the cycle

b) Break through the cycle

There are so many obstacles that come up when we try to move forward.

They make us strong enough to reach our goal.

They teach us what we need to know so we develop perspective.

They make us develop the skills and tenacity we need to do a good job.

Love your obstacle, love your failure and act anyway. Even 1mm of forward movement is a victory. Love yourself hard and keep going. Or equally if you need to – love yourself hard, take a break and then keep going.




Final Step of the Course