Part One

Getting an Overview of Your Life

If you’re ready to get started download the document below, so you can work along with the first video.

This chart is an adaptation I have made from a traditional coaching wheel, which I find gives a better idea of your overall experience of life, incorporating health, satisfaction and fulfilment, rather than focusing on more specific targets such as income or travel, for example.

  • Reflect on all areas of the wheel, one at a time (if there is an area/ areas you want to change or add, feel free to do that first).
  • As you reflect on how well you are doing in each area, shade in the segment the amount that seems right to you or give it a rank out of 10 if you want to be more specific (10 being the best). Try to avoid being overly critical or optimistic and if in doubt consider what a good friend would say about that aspect of your life.
  • Choose between 1 and 3 areas of your life to focus on, trying not to avoid your least favourite ones. You can use the 2nd page of the handout to make a note of these.
  • Now, for each area you want to work on write down 1-3 simple and effective actions you can take for each one.

I hope you took your time and also managed not to avoid the areas you like the least (i.e. the ones you need to work on the most). Well done on completing the first step!

In the next part we are going to look at making these goals and actions the most authentic and real for you they can be.