How to Use This Site

This site has a lot of information for you to use for your own personal development, but please note it is not a substitute for seeing a doctor or mental health professional. Also, as with all self-development work – it is best to take it at your own pace and not do too much.

If you have a particular issue or topic you want to learn about, you can use the search bar at the bottom to see if there is a relevant post, but if you can also read the posts sequentially if you want to (they are numbered to make it easier). Any articles without numbers are ones you can read any time.

Also, watch this space for excerpts from my new book The Art of Coming Home. I will also publish a couple of the exercises from it for you to use at home!

And please do give me feedback to let me know how you find the information and exercises and the progress you are making.

And – as always – have fun on your journey!