I offer one-to-one sessions in London in person and also via Skype. The sessions themselves are often varied, with us discussing self-development issues but may also include various tools including guided visualisations and energy work in Skype sessions, while in-person sessions may also include acupuncture or maybe a even a little stretching. Using different tools in this way is useful for helping people to move past blocks in different areas and while talking and understanding is important, sometimes it also helps to use different tools to address other parts of ourselves.

I help people to develop their innate skills and strengths, gain self-awareness, heal from past hurts, connect to others, learn to connect to and trust their intuition and instincts and to cultivate a healthy and satisfying life. That is a pretty wide range of things! That’s what you get for working in a holistic way – it is not good for elevator pitches but great for the person.

If you are wondering what sessions might do for you and what issues people come with, these are also quite varied. Some of my clients come in because they are at a crossroads and do not know how to take the next step forward in their lives, or they do know what they want but they do not know how to get there. This might be in their career, lifestyle, relationships or something else. Others want more fulfilment, connection or meaning in their lives and we look at authentic and grounded ways of finding this. Some people are just really stressed or anxious and they don’t know why, or they know they do not feel themselves and feel that life has more to offer.

Just so you know, you do not need to wait until you have a big issue to have a session – I find that being proactive when it comes to self-development is the healthiest way to change in the long-term. My clients are all from a wide range of backgrounds, so I see men and women, from late teens to around 80 years of age, CEOs, creatives, hippies, stay at home Mums and Dads; all kinds of people for all kinds of situations. If you feel like you might need counselling or psychotherapy I highly recommend you seek that out before having a session with me. I will work with you to help you get more in touch with yourself, uncover and develop your innate talents and to live a fuller, more empowered and self-expressed life. I look forward to working with your amazing self!

Session fees are £95 for an hour, payable in advance with a 24-hour cancellation policy. Email to book your session.