Perfect Picture Book (Ebook)


An inclusive self-help book with fun rhyming verse, simple exercises and lots to see and talk about! We’ll explore self-love, working through difficult emotions and resilience as our diverse crew of characters find themselves in lots of different scenarios.

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We are all a little bit different and all perfect in our own special way! Come on an adventure with lively characters in a range of settings from nature, to space, to dance studios, doing fun exercises as you go.

The children you’ll meet in this book are black, white, Asian, South American and Indigenous American. Some of what makes them special includes a limb difference, using a wheelchair, a port-wine stain, visual impairment and a cleft palate. However the book is not about this, it is all about acceptance, resilience and self-love.

The characters love and accept their unique bodies, enjoy movement, know they are perfect, accept difficult situations, work through emotions and know that love is there whenever and wherever they need it. Your child will love spending time with them!

You’ll receive the ebook as an epub (for Apple Books and other apps) or pdf file. If you’d rather have a mobi to read on your kindle it is best to buy that directly from Amazon (if you have a reader that displays colours) or to buy a physical book, check out the paperback instead.