Your Goal-Setting Guide: Powerful Goals and How to Achieve Them


Are you ready for a change?

Goal-setting seems so simple, but to get it right we need to figure some specific things out.

This guide will show you how to create powerful goals connected to your desires and purpose and an action plan to make them happen.




As a coach, goal setting is something I work with extremely often and I have a lot of experience of what helps people succeed and where they stumble.

By finding your genuine purpose and desire for your goal you’ll find it much easier to access your willpower and show up for yourself again and again.

This guide will walk you through a variety of more important topics (some common and some that are almost never talked about):

  • Learning about the best types of goals
  • Finding out if your goals are right for you
  • Tools for getting clear on your goals
  • Looking at the commonest pitfalls people face and how to avoid them
  • Finding your natural motivation to overcome tough days
  • Breaking your goals down into actionable steps
  • Creating a schedule that will work for you
  • and more.

Drive without direction, discipline without self-compassion, goals without heart – they’ll all get us somewhere, but maybe not somewhere very good.

There is no need to be our own slave driver when we can instead tune in to our own innate passion and willpower. Use the process in this guide to really connect to your destination and create a roadmap that is challenging and affirming.

This goal setting method can be an eye-opening, affirming process, that will help you start in the best possible way and help you feel better in yourself while also making progress towards your goal.

Check out a preview of the guide here.