The Salt Path

I read this shortly after completing and submitting the final manuscript for my most recent book, and I was looking for something uplifting and easy to read (because my brain was a little fried).

I got both and much more from this book, I fell into the story becoming completely engaged with it and falling in love with the characters.

I felt like I was walking with them through their journey, and it was especially poignant because I love the coast (especially the Cornish coast) in the southwest of Britain so much.

In a world where we are increasingly told that our importance corresponds to the size of our bank balance, or that doing the right thing is about avoiding risk and trying to buffer yourself from everything as much as possible, this story blows these ideas out of the water.

Not in the sense that we should give up all our worldly possessions or common sense, but as more of a reminder of ourselves, our true nature and what actually makes us grow and feel happy. If you want to read a book about triumph over adversity, resilience, faith in humanity or being restored by nature and the beautiful British countryside I highly recommend this book. It will reinvigorate you like looking out at the ocean and feeling the wind and cold saltwater spray on your face.

You can buy a copy on Amazon UK (or US), Waterstones, Foyles and other retailers and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

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