Self Development; Not for the Faint of Heart

When I am asked what I do, I have habitually refrained from saying I work in self-development, and not just because I don’t really want to hear all about someone’s problems when I’m at a party. More so, because it is a pretty broad category that is hard for people to get a hold on.

So why in engage in self-development? Aren’t we good enough just as we are? Well I believe we can be good enough and still work on ourselves because life is about learning and expansion. Although they say that if you are standing still you are falling behind, I believe we should engage in this work out of love of exploring more of life and ourselves and enjoying new challenges, rather than out of fear.

What self-development is could be defined differently for each of us at different times throughout the day. Is it self-care? Yes. Is it having the courage to ask someone we like out on a date? Yes. Is it trying to move beyond our comfort zone. Yes, but it is also knowing when to give ourselves a break and rest.

So many things can be involved in our own development, because it is about living life to the full, taking care of ourselves, being self-aware, trying to be good people, create meaningful connections, work towards a purpose, be expressive, be creative, be kind and have fun. So… just all of life then.

It does not have to be doing yoga, being skinny, reading the latest self-development book (I take that back, please read mine!), doing charity work – it does not have to be anything. It just is anything that makes us more fulfilled, balanced and self-aware people.