little girls lying on green grass field

Perfect: a Self-Love Adventure

In my coaching and alternative therapy practice I have noticed a sharp increase in demand for tools for mental wellness in both children and teenagers. I have always felt that there are some things we should learn from a young age, such as how to deal with difficult emotions and feel centred, which would help people to feel confident and stay connected to themselves as they grow. The pressures today’s children face make this more important than ever. 

Last year I decided to use the time I would normally spend on in-person work with clients (paused by the pandemic), to write and illustrate a children’s book called Perfect. It is an inclusive book with children of different ethnicities, some with different challenges and features including; a disability, visual impairment, a limb difference, a port wine stain, Down Syndrome and a cleft lip and palate. 

However, the book is not about any of these things, it is all about self-love, resilience and staying true to ourselves, while accepting each other. 

Writing this book was a huge challenge for me, and it really pushed me to work on my artistic abilities also as you can see from this progression of one of the characters in my book! 

badly drawn sketch of girl on left and finished illustration of her on the right

There are a variety of different situations and characters responding to challenges, which will give you a lot to talk about with the reader (including a handy small glossary in the back in case you get stuck for a correct term).

And there are some very simple exercises you can do together, which the child can remember and use by themselves when things feel difficult.

If you’re interested in buying a copy or even recommending it to a friend, pre-orders are available on Amazon for the ebook in the UK, US and Australia among other countries (paperback will also be available). I will also have some signed copies I can send out directly, feel free to sign up to the mailing list on this page to be notified when the book is released, and to receive some free colouring pages. 

In our great big world

some things are always true.

I am perfect just the way I am, 

and you are perfect too.